Loss of network connection in the VirtualBox guest WinXP after upgrading to 11.1

Hello all!
I use FreeBSD computer as a host for VirtualBox and guest WinXP. After FreeBSD upgrading to 11.1, my guest system lost the network connection. When I returned the kernel back to 11.0, the network connection in the guest system was restored. I installed on a clean HDD FreeBSD 11.1, X Window and VirtualBox from the packages. Then I imported my guest WinXp into VirtualBox. The result is similar, the network in the guest system does not work.
Did not anyone have a similar problem?
Sorry for bad english
Make sure to update your ports/packages too. The VirtualBox kernel modules are depending on the exact kernel version. This may be the cause, modules built for 11.0 may fail to load on 11.1.
Thanks for the answer!
Most likely you are right.
But in the first post I described the experiment on installing FreeBSD 11.1 and VirtualBox on a clean hard disk. System and package of the VirtualBox were taken from the official repository assigned by default when FreeBSD installed. Near time I plan to check out the VirtualBox by install it from ports. Good luck!
After recompilation virtualbox-ose-kmod from ports the problem was solved.
Once again many thanks
I had the same problem with FreeBSD guests after upgrading the host to 11.1-RELEASE. I installed sources at /usr/src and then compiled virtualbox-ose-kmod from ports. After compiling the port, things went back to normal.