Looking to buy a FreeBSD-compatibile 802.11ac / 5GHz compatibile Wireless Receiver


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I am in the market to buy a FreeBSD-compatibile 802.11AC Wireless Receiver. This receiver can be USB or PCI-E based (not mini/m2 - although my machine does have an m.2 port. This is for a desktop), I don't have any real preference, but I would absolutely need it to have 5GHz and good throughput. The current 802.11ac Adapter is by realtek (rtl8812au) and only has N support (and very bad support at that).
I am on 13-CURRENT if that is relevant.

Thanks in advance


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We don't have any 802.11ac support. The ath10k driver for Atheros modules is still a work in progress.
It is compiling but needs more work.
It is possible to run some newer Intel 802.11ac cards in N mode on FreeBSD. Note sure which models exactly.