Solved Looking for easy network wireless access point

Can anyone give me the name of a decent wifi access point (set of "ears") I can put on a cat5 and manage in the console? Like this:
comp. NIC jack -> CAT5 cable to elsewhere -> jack on WIFI ears.

Not looking for junk but probably not Cisco $ either.

I like the DLink Business grade WAP's, 2360 2330. I have older models that have been running for 7 years with zero downtime, except utility power fails.
MikroTik is surprisingly good too, for the price, although I can't speak to their reliability beyond a couple of years as that's the oldest I have installed.

Cisco if you can (I have some with over 8 years on them).
If you have at least one Mac around: Apple Airport Express. Not cheap. Ridiculously reliable. Very easy to configure administer from a Macintosh. At the elementary school where I volunteer, we have half a dozen, and they just work and never fail.
I have a Linksys LAPAC 1750 Pro. Not cheap but quite versatile. I can create multiple wireless networks and separate each one on its own VLAN. It also has a built-in captive portal, I use it for guest access, and it's completely separate from the rest of my network.