Solved Looking for a new video card


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Looks like my current video card is slowly failing (vertical lines on black, display can turn off and back during movie play and so on). I'm looking for a card with amdgpu support. Marketing names, architecture codenames left my totally clueless.
Card is for 2D, so I expect a cheap solution (< 100 USD). Any suggestions? amdgpu is mandatory, radeonkms is too unstable.


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I don't have problems with the driver on the 12 release on 13 i have some problems what is the best way to install the drm ?
Is radeon driver more compatible with freebsd i mean i can't get gpu acceleration on kdenlive & shotcut while openshot works fine and its pretty fast !
I'm heading for a new installation (if i had a dime for everytime i've installed freebsd....)
cause of hardware change nvme,gpu etc etc and i feel a bit afraid that freebsd will fail on my system
I'm so depended with linux but i wanna really to move to freebsd for a thousands of reasons .

Yes, RX 580 is supported. Why wouldn't it?