LogZilla looking for FreeBSD port development


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After some contact with LogZilla for use in my own company, we had a conversation about the advantages of having an out-of-the-box LogZilla installation for FreeBSD (either a port or a binary package). They asked me to forward this:

LogZilla would like to speak to any FreeBSD experts who are interested in working with them to create and document an installation package in order to allow FreeBSD to be compatible with their network management software. Please send an email to Pete Willis ( [FONT=Courier New]p w i l l i s [ a t ] l o g z i l l a . n e t[/FONT] ) for discussion.
Ok. Several people on ports@ have already contacted LogZilla and expressed interest in working on this.
Not in touch with them, currently. I can suggest contacting the address in the first post.