Xfce locking the screen on xfce

Are there any recommended methods for locking the screen when using XFCE?

I have tried xfce4-screensaver, which does lock the screen, but you can't unlock it unless you switch to another console and kill the process. I have seen other posts here saying that it is beta only and weird behaviour is to be expected. I have also seen the posts saying you should check that you aren't running both screensavers at the same time and am not doing that.

xscreensaver works, but it complains that it is out of date and I should use another screensaver.

I am using FreeBSD 12.2 and xfce4
That seems to be about xscreensaver.

This xfce4-screensaver (see docu: xfce4-screensaver) I got with xfce:
$ pkg info | grep screensaver
xfce4-screensaver-4.16.0_2     Xfce 4 screen saver and locker

It works without problems with me, also on 12.2-RELEASE.


thanks for looking guys. I have seen the thread about xscreensaver. also threads about xfce4-screensaver. it works for some and not for others. that is the version i used for xfce4-screensaver