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Locked out of an account and cannot get through captcha



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Hi all,

Switching between Linux and FreeBSD on my machine, I entered forum password wrong twice and was redirected to a catpcha that asked 'what BSD systems are there other than FreeBSD'. I responded with NetBSD, but was redirected to the regular login screen with a red message across the top stating the same thing - that I was required to enter catpcha for entering wrong password too many times.
So I tried to log in and again was redirected to a login page with captcha that asked what 3 types of firewalls are shipped with FreeBSD. I entered iptables and was redirected to the regular login screen with the same error message.
Then I was asked what file systems ship with FreeBSD and responded with ufs. Then it started all over again with the very 1st question.
Long story short, no matter how I answer the captcha questions, it never lets me in.
I tried clearing the cookies, restarting the browser, logging in from another machine - nothing works and I ended up registering another account.

Is there any way at all to log back into the old account? I know for certain that password is correct.

Thank you!


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I don't think I have enough power to help you out. An admin will be around shortly, he should be able to help you.