[Linuxulator] How to install Brave (Linux app) on FreeBSD 13.0+

Thanks for your efforts on this. Everything works fine, netflix etc fantastic. However I have one issue. I have a titan key setup with my google account so when I try and login to google it tries to probe udev, which causes a segfault:

ERROR:bus.cc(393)] Failed to connect to the bus: Did not receive a reply.
ERROR:udev_watcher.cc(51)] Failed to initialize a udev monitor.

If I chroot into /compat/ubuntu I can't start udev or dbus, should I be able to? Or am I completely misunderstanding something?

I would be interested to know if you or someone else has solved this particular issue. Brave tends to crash on my end as well any time it needs a hardware token.

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patovm04 Regarding the Fix broken symlink step in your guide, I think it has been already solved in (at least) Ubuntu 22.10, since I used kinetic instead of focal for debootstrap to pull as the base.