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Is this a new feature?


I've been using Thanks for years, don't recall seeing Like before today.
I think like == appreciate in the response context. "Like" is an ambiguous" word used in many ways. For example, it is used like (as a) 'discourse particle' or 'colloquial quotative' in Valley Girl patter.
In days of yore of UI design, clickable widgets were in boxes easy for mouse clicks. now there is just text or icons made small as possible to save pixels. They compromise usability.
I don't think it matters too much. Sometimes I see someone thanked me for a post, usually technical in nature. Other times I see someone liked the post, often, a post without technical value but maybe an opinion. For me, on chromium, I have to hover over the thanks to get a choice of like or thanks. I'm sure I've done one when I meant to do the other. The one that worries me is wanting to thank or like, and hitting report by accident, as my eye tends to go to the left, and I could see myself, meaning to hit like, accidentally hitting report. Just checked if firefox looks different and it doesn't. Basically all I see is the option to thank and if I hover over that, there's an option to like, rather than thank. Either way, it's nice to get a positive reaction to a post, so I'll settle for either. :)
Yeah, I was just curious whether the feature – specifically, the ability to choose Like instead of Thanks – was a recent addition.

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But "Reaction Score" was "Likes" then, wasn't it?
Request for modification :
I have wanted to know how to use the like button for so long. Now I know that it is when the cursor hovers on the Thank icon. Someone also said it is a popup that quickly appears. Maybe and most likely, I need get on a desktop before I can use it.

The problem here is that I do not see it on mobile. One can't hover on most generic mobile devices; invariably one can't hover on the Thank icon.

Can the Like icon sit beside the Thank icon?

Of course, such request may have to be submitted to the project's issue tracker or GitHub. It's not a (new) feature request but a modification request.
'Like' is a child of 'Thanks' so it seems not important enough to have it's own select button. Which one is more rewarding? There are trophies for Likes but Thanks is, well, just a nod.
There used to be more ov them - and really cool ones, like laugh or dislike. Somehow they got removed, so that we have the unsual one-millionth-happy-customer facebook culture.
I like having options... IMHO, it's a bit cumbersome to go the whole 9 yards of reacting to the post with the 'Reply' when frankly, a simple 'Like' or 'Thanks' suffices. If a post is actually popular, it's nice if all it takes is a quick look to know just how popular it is. From my end of things, I take a 'Like' to mean that I completely agree with the message, while a 'Thanks' actually means appreciation. Some posts I actually disagree with, but at least I have the option of ignoring them. As the old adage goes, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all".
I am fairly inconsistent with it but I try to like when a post is interesting/fun/useful but not necessarily on topic and thanks for a post that is on topic and useful. Mainly because somewhere in the forum database there will be some data containing:
  • Who is the most useful guy
  • Who is the most funny guy
Though I don't think that info is publicly accessible (and probably shouldn't be). But the admins will know...
I would like to have an extra one such as facepalm, unfortunatelly we don't a facepalm emoticon, but this one should be good enough: 😖
I generally use the Like button to indicate agreement with the majority of what someone has written, usually because it is constructive, or because I like whatever they posted (I do try to restrain myself, however. This isn't MySpace or whatever the kids are using these days.) I reserve Thanks for things I did not know but enjoyed learning about.
I would like to have an extra one such as facepalm, unfortunatelly we don't a facepalm emoticon, but this one should be good enough: 😖
It looks like we actually have quite a few emoticons available, but only two of them (the Like and Thanks) are used for a 'quick' reaction. Sometimes, it helps to keep things simple. Otherwise, just hit reply and paste a pic of a chimp facepalming to express disappointment. 😩 🤦‍♂️... 😤!