Lightning plugin for Thunderbird missing after big Perl update

Greetings all,

Yesterday(ish) there was a large update / reinstall of many packages due to changes in Perl. After this large update, Lightning (the calendar app) disappeared from Thunderbird.

Is it gone for good, or was this an oopsie?

Thank you! :D
Wow, that stinks. That's going to curtail my usage of FreeBSD because I absolutely *must* have a calendar app that can access iCal on my server. :(
Not sure how long your system hasn't been updated but check /usr/ports/UPDATING too:

Affects: users of mail/thunderbird or www/seamonkey with lightning
         plugin installed.


  To get an up to date version of lightning you should use the new
  LIGHTNING option in mail/thunderbird or www/seamonkey. This option
  is not enabled by default so you have to run "make config" prior
  to the build. The old deskutils/lightning-thunderbird and
  deskutils/lightning ports should no longer be used and will be
  removed very soon.

  Like other XPIs ports, lightning now registers itself as a global
  extension and doesn't create the XPI to be installed manually.
  Upgrading users should remove lightning from their profile before
  installing Thunderbird or SeaMonkey the first time with the new
  LIGHTNING option enabled.
Just an update for anyone in the future...

I was able to get Lightning back by following these steps:

  • Temporarily rename your existing .thunderbird directory (for example: .thunderbird~)
  • Start up Thunderbird and click 'Keep' when asked about using the built-in calendar
  • Close Thunderbird
  • Copy the only extension present in the extensions directory of the new profile to the extensions directory of your existing profile
  • Trash the new .thunderbird folder
  • Rename your existing .thunderbird~ directory back to .thunderbird
  • Enjoy!
And now after the latest binary package updates, Lightning is not working again. Gee whiz devs, y'all are driving me crazy! :confused:
… If you build from ports check if you have the option turned on:
LIGHTNING=on: Calendar extension

An extract from output from sudo make DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES=yes configure:

Adding configure options from /usr/ports/mail/thunderbird/work/thunderbird-45.7.1/.mozconfig

With '--enable-calendar' there, should I expect a subsequent installation from ports to include Lightning?