Lenovo S145 Touchpad


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Hello and thanks for the opportunity of being part of this community!

I'm running a fresh install of 12.0-RELEASE on a Lenovo Ideapad S145.

I've seen some cases that the some Lenovo touchpad don't work (as far as I could get) because it is connected to the i2c bus and FreeBSD has no support as of yet, as stated here.

My question is: is my problem related to this? If so, the path to compile modules and patch stuff like stated here is a good solution? Or are there better alternatives?

Here are some outputs to help clarify my situation
pciconf -lv https://pastebin.com/jmmpe5Kx
dmidecode https://pastebin.com/TDBshR1V


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It is very likely that your problem is related to this, since the touchpad of many modern laptops are connected to the i2c bus. I am using the kernel module you were referencing for myself and have not running into any issues, though it works only for simple scrolling and mouse clicking. Just compile and load it as stated in the review.