Laptop - battery and wifi device isn't detected.


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Hey Guys,
There are few problems I am facing when running FreeBSD on my Laptop.

1. Battery isn't detected.
2. Wireless device isn't detected.
3. You can't boot FreeBSD unless you unset

Here are the files regarding the system.

pciconf -lv
devinfo -v
acpidump -dt

Wifi device - Realtek 8783bs (sdio)

Note :
1. Previously I was using Arch linux and everything was working fine.
2. The output are from FreeBSD 13.0 Current. (same things happen in FreeBSD 12.0 Stable).

If someone can tell me how to fix this then it would be a great help.



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For battery status, you need apm.

Or add settings to the /etc/rc.conf file. man 5 rc.conf shows
apm_enable (bool)
     If set to ``YES'', enable support for Automatic Power Management with the apm(8) command.
apmd_enable (bool) 
     Run apmd(8) to handle APM event from userland.    This also enables support for APM.
apmd_flags  (str) 
     If apmd_enable is set to ``YES'', these are the flags to pass to the apmd(8) daemon.

SDIO was recently added to FreeBSD 13.0 Current. I doubt that there are drivers for wifi cards out yet. ;D apropos realtek outputs a couple of realtek wifi drivers.


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Didn't work. Still getting the same message.
When I type apm. I get this output.
APM version: 1.2
APM Management: Disabled
AC Line status: on-line
Battery status: charing
Remaining battery life: invalid value  (0xffffffff)
Remaining battery time: unknown
Number of batteries: 0
Resume time: unkown
Resume on ring indicator: disabled
Sorry, if there is a typo. I typed it.