labwc a stacking wayland window manager inspired by openbox

Labwc is a wlroots-based window-stacking compositor for wayland,
inspired by openbox.

In this video i cover window placement , setting the theme, creating keyboard shortcuts to switch workspaces and move windows to different workspaces and monitors

How to warp your cursor between monitors, create keyboard shortcuts to increase, decrease and mute the volume

labwc doesnt have independant workspaces per monitor,
but you can set windows to be dsplayed on all workspaces using a keyboard shortcut

you can also create rules for particular windows like chromium, mpv and firefox picture in picture so they are displayed on all workspaces on your second monitor

labwc supports the foreign-toplevel protocol which works with tools like wlrctl and allows you to list all of open windows and then switch to them using tofi which is a wayland version of dmenu

Cursor confinement is also supported which is great for gaming so your mouse is confined to the screen with the game on


labwc github

labwc config

labwc-start script

window-switcher script


bin directory

root dotfiles