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kernel panic


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I have a fairly reproducible kernel panic with 11.1-Release-p7, when I enable a ipsec tunnel (configured by Strongswan) and pass traffic through it. I managed to get a core file saved but it's not yielding much useful information. https://gist.github.com/ttung/5681301e551bff2c4d558792e331d558

The VPS I'm on doesn't have a console w/ scrollback, but the last few lines of the stack trace when the crash happened were very coherent.

Any tips on getting more useful information to the devs?


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If you fall back to ddb(4) command line , try textdump dump and/or dump commands to get a detailed backtrace.

I could not see much information in the backtrace you shared and you did not mention the steps to reproduce the issue.

Also, try creating a bug report on bugzilla and sending an email to freebsd-net.


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Can you please describe how to (fairly) reproduce ? Also mention your current setup.