Keep Gnome, KDE & Mate separated


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To try them out, I installed Gnome, KDE and Mate on my system (FreeBsd 12).
Now, apps and icons of Gnome appear in KDE and Mate, and vice versa.
How do I keep Gnome, KDE and Mate strictly separated ?

I did some research, and found that in /usr/local/share/applications there are quite a large number of *.desktop files.
It seems to be possible for each of those files to manually set OnlyShowIn=Mate (or KDE/Gnome),
but is there a more general, easier way to do this ?



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In short no since they are all installed in the same system using the same standards ( You can either install them in separated jails (search for how to run X from a jail), or use virtual machines (e.g. bhyve) instead.