Kde5 not in quarterly



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Is there a reason why kde5 is not in quarterly? It is in latest. Has something changed? I'm using 12.1



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Here's what I can find in this thread: https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/kde5-gone-from-repository-after-upgrade.73586/

It seems that qt5-webengine fail to build which is similar to qt5-network in 11.4 which I had to upgrade to 12.1 to get the binary package for installing plasma5. The thread made comments that some are seeing it on their own so not sure if they've switched to latest.

Here's the link from the thread: https://pkg-status.freebsd.org/builds/default:quarterly:120amd64:522068:beefy2 and you'll see that kde5 is on the NEW SKIPPED list.



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In general I wait a few weeks to apply a pkg upgrade after each switch of the quarterly repository, until such build failures have settled. I.e. inspect the output of pkg upgrade -n and see if vital packages would be removed.