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Well, do read this thread from the start, and then the blogs we linked to. Gotta have plasma5-plasma-desktop and plasma5-plasma-workspace. And pay attention to versions - if stuff is too old, it won't work. And - don't start X11/Xorg... you won't be able to just launch a Plasma Wayland session from xterm or another DE. Technically, that's not entirely true, but if you do that, you'll end up with a separate, nested Wayland session inside an Xorg window. So, go back to the beginning of this thread, and follow along if you want an actual Plasma Wayland session that is not nested :p

Edit: There's noise that FreeBSD is actually behind OpenBSD when it comes to QT6... What's up with that????
I guess it's because there's people interested in porting QT6 stuff in OpenBSD and there's no people interested in porting QT6 stuff in FreeBSD? Personally, QT6 isn't even widely adopted yet. Also, there's some compatibilites issues with QT6 (that's one of the reasons I prefer let audio/strawberry sit with QT5 as default), specially about themes.

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It is very against my , religious and political principles and beliefs, but for once i will mount linprocfs.
PS: I'm on quarterly ports.


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How do you start plasma - wayland from the terminal/commandline? And can you add a bar ?
Which are the packages i need to install ?
From a TTY run:
sh /use/local/bin/startplasma-wayland.sh


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Is there something I could try with quarterly ?
Note in 8 days there is a new quarter.
Not impossible, I think... just don't start SDDM, you do need a command line on a TTY, and then tuxador 's command should run fine. One thing to note: If you want to use quarterly packages, pay attention to package versions that become available. When the quarter turns over, you do get somewhat newer packages, but they still will be older than latest from same day.