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?Anyone familiar with JTAG?

I appear to have bricked my GoFlexHome unit and read somewhere that I may be able to diagnose the problem using JTAG... If that is the case where would I start?


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Regarding the software please have a look at the output as
$ psearch jtag
devel/avarice             Atmel AVR JTAG programmer and debugging interface for avr-gdb
devel/stlink              STM32 ST-Link JTAG variant tools
devel/urjtag              Extended utility to work with JTAG-aware boards
May be the ports include information about the required or recommended interface hardware, too.

If not you could have a look at JTAG adaptors for FPGA. As far as I know there are schematics in the net. There is no need for an ultra high-speed clock since it is controlled from the host. Dig for stuff which is useful to configure Xilinx or Altera devices. Äh(tm) you might want to use something to interface the good old parallel port or so.