UFS journaled vs soft updates vs both?

I read for best performance use jornal and async mount in the gjournal man page.
Basic add disk says use -U for soft updates.
Since zfs gave me a lot of trouble with my usb3 expansion card and one drive disappearing and other appearing as that zpool I am kinda leery of zfs...
I notice my root ufs is jornalled and softupdates...

Are async mounts defautl now?
What is reccomended? 11.1 amd64
Ok so
/ mount "journaled softupdates"
is this superior to my 3rd usb external drive, connected to usb2 port, mounted as /cook, which was newfs -U for just soft updates?

Should I use tunefs to add journalling?
/ was created by default install of 11.0 amd64.

gjournal says journal+async mount > soft update. Is this the case? and if so why is / journaled+softudate?

https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/62240/ This is my thead where I have 2 port usb3 card and 2 usb external drives, and something happened where I was in middle of zpool export and the system thinks both pool are vogt, when one is vance.
I was able to eventually zpool import vogt of 1 of the 2 drives by unpluggin the other.
i am now moving important files to a 3rd drive as I said above plugged into usb2 port and that drive is ufs with soft updates (newfs -U as handbook says in example)

Once the important files are copied over tonight I might try and recover the vance pool on the 2nd drive, but first I need a strong back up because at one point zpool status was showing nothing until I just brute force tried zpool import vogt. It said 2 drives appear as vogt. I then did zpool export vogt and unplugged one of the drives.

I wonder if the usb3 external card is not seated correctly as so is acting flaky? I might open the box and reseat the card.
The usb external drive speed is another thing.
I wonder if I should move 62240 thread to storage?
How do I move a thread?