ZFS Jails: Recursively mounting ZFS dataset children?

Running 11.0-RELEASE, ZFS on root.

I created a jail, into which I put a few services/scripts to backup my filesystem to another local server, as well as the cloud.

I initially planned on using nullfs to mount my important datasets into this jail (read only), and have it read/backup the data from there. It seems however that each ZFS dataset needs to be individually mounted in the jail's fstab. I haven't been able to just mount /, and have all child datasets below it also be mounted.

E.g. if I have datasets for:

I have to add each of those individually into my backup jail's fstab, I can't just add "/" and have "/jails/jail1", "/jails/jail2", "/home/user1" ... also mount.

I don't mind adding them all by hand once, but this seems like a nightmare for maintenance as each time I create a new dataset I also have to add it to the backup jail's mounts or else it won't get archived.

Is there a way to recursively mount all child datasets when mounting the parent?