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Since I have not managed to get fuse to work as normal user within a jail I thought I would ask here - I am running FreeBSD 13.0 Release.
The respective devfs.rule has "add path 'fuse' unhide" in it, the jail is running with allow.mount=1; allow.mount.fdescfs=1; and allow.mount.fusefs=1;
Also on the host, the sysctl vfs.usermount=1 is set. I want to use sshfs, as root it does work, however, as user I get "mount_fusefs: /dev/fuse on /usr/home/rootbert/remote: Operation not permitted".
/dev/fuse is owned by root:eek:perator with permissions 666 - the user is member of the operator group on both the host and the jail.

Is there anything that I am missing or is fuse just not possible as user in a jail?



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In jail.conf on your host, you can set which ruleset to use by referencing devfs.rules. There may be several jail.conf's on your computer: one in /etc/ and others in your local jail directories.

Try ruleset 4, which by default adds fuse and zfs. Ruleset 5 also adds pf.

Mounts and secure levels can also be set in jail.conf(5).