ZFS jail zfs mount permissions denied


I'm running Freebsd 10.3 on ZFS (zroot). I also have a tank pool from a previous installation.

Now I'm trying to install a samba server in a jail and using the "tank" pool in that jail. But, I'm getting following error messages, if I mount the zfs in that jail

cannot mount 'tank': Insufficient privileges

I installed and configured the jail via ezjail and followed the instructions of the man page for zfs usage in jails. Here my steps

1. ezjail-admin config -z tank $JailName
2. sysctl security.jail.enforce_statfs=0
3. sysctl security.jail.mount_allowed=1
4. zfs set jailed=on tank
5. zfs jail $JailName tank

In the Jail
I can run "zfs list" which shows me the dataset of "tank". There is also a /tank folder - but a ls in that folder returns an empty output

i found some old threads but without a solution (e.g. https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-jail/2013-February/002057.html or https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/46146/)
2 and 3 don't work anymore. These settings are now per jail. In your ezjail config use these:
export jail_<jailname>_parameters="allow.mount=1 allow.mount.zfs=1 enforce_statfs=1"
thanks for your reply. But now I get following error messages inside the jail when I run zpool or zfs command

internal error: failed to initialize ZFS library