Jail listening on same ports as base host


I setup a Jail, but it is listening on the same ports as the base OS. So, if the base is listening on port 80, the Jail IP also has port 80 listening. No service is listening on that port.

Using ezjail-admin, I setup a Jail called code. I modified the export_jail_code_ip line of /usr/local/etc/ezjail/code to be this (IPv6 address changed per RFC 3849):

export jail_code_ip="lo1|,vtnet0|2001:DB8::c0de/64,"
When I do sockstat -l, nothing comes up as listening port 80.

The base OS's vtnet0 interface has both the IP address of the base and jail.
What is causing this?
Nevermind...I am using FreeBSD, but on my FreeNAS box I don't seem to have this problem. The Base OS on FreeNAS has a separate virtual interface for each jail. Yet, my FreeBSD box is all using the same interface (vtnet0).

Did I misconfigure something?
More likely that FreeNAS does things differently than stock FreeBSD. That would not be surprising.