Jabber ?

Anapivirtua said:
Could you add a jabber section in optional information of user detail ?
I really second that. A forum driven on this site of the river should really have more options on Instant Messaging than ICQ, MSN and Skype ;-)
I would appreciate this, too. :)
I thought this the first time I step a paw in this forum and complete my user profile, but I don't wan't to flood this section with suggestions that can wait. I guess the administrators have enought to do to keep the forum running for now.
Further you don't know how difficult this implementation would be. I know the woltlab forum, where it is an easy task, but I have no idea how difficult it is under vb.
It's not very difficult. Just add a custom textfield to the userprofile. Since Jabber/XMPP doesn't provide an online indicater like ICQ, MSN and friends it's a satisfying workaround.