Solved Is this ok to do?

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I very rarely follow through with indie game projects.

But imagine i made a pre-rendered point-and-plick adventure game similar to Myst, and i had a random computer sitting on a desk in the game world..

and on the screen of the computer, when you turn it on it shows this:

if i were to do this in a commercial game, that is closed source would that be ok to do?

I assume since FreeBSD isn't GPL obviously none of that is an issue. I was more worried about if there were any legal concerns for just using the boot animation and logo.




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FMLU you can use either stock FreeBSD or change and rename it, and sell a closed source bunch of apps on top of it. IMHO it's polite to include "based on FreeBSD; FreeBSD is a registered trademark of the FreeBSD Foundation", but as alfonsosiciliano mentioned, maybe you have to ask for permission to include the term FreeBSD in any of your documentation. Many licenses explicitely state s/th like "the name of the genuine author or <project> must not be used to advertise your derived work without prior written permission". Be sure to build w/o any GPL stuff, see build(7) & src.conf(5), or make sure to include a list "contains <GPL project X>".


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Mjölnir as far as I understand it, this is not about basing the game on FreeBSD but just about showing a video of the boot sequence somewhere *inside* the game.

If there's anything unclear, FreeBSD uses a simple 2-clause license:
This would not forbid mentioning FreeBSD, but to the contrary, require you include the copyright notice in your derived product.

But it's unclear to me whether it would apply to e.g. just the logo shown in the loader screen.