Is there a Graphics Card compatibility list for FreeBSD 13.2 somewhere

It looks like we need an updated list of working graphics.

Yes and no.


I am myself using a nvidia gtx-1080. …
  1. NVIDIA-provided pages help you to identify which versions support your hardware
  2. FreeBSD-provided documentation helps you to identify the ported version that's closest to what's best for your hardware.
Prior to removal from the wiki:

At <> you can select FreeBSD x64.

Previously in the wiki:

NVIDIA-provided pages:
  • list supported products (users can learn which driver to choose)
  • offer downloads for source code (not package-oriented).
Most users will prefer a package.


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I am editing the wiki, so if you have any cards that are not on the list that you can confirm is working, let me know and I'll add it to the matrix. I added my 6750XT ;)
thedaemon thanks.

HP EliteBook 8570p:

HP ZBook 17 G2, my earliest recorded probe with Intel graphics enabled:

The same ZBook, the most recent probe with Intel graphics disabled:

Freedesktop drivers except nv are defunct now, due to a recent deletion spree in the FreeBSD sources which removed the important pci.c.
I find this quite annoying, as there is also listed a fix for Matrox graphics chips, which are common on server boards.
Because for some reason the patch is not being integrated into FreeBSD, one has to patch and build the Matrox driver to make it work again.

Regarding Nvidia support, it's pretty easy. Just look at the README file of the particular Nvidia driver. It lists all supported cards.