Closed Is Snowden a Russian asset or a whistleblower?

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As someone who was in the US military and also worked for DoD, and who has family in the American Intelligence Community, I am more than a little biased.

This should be closed.
He's both. He wanted to be a hero, even if he won't admit it, but he's not a hero. He more than likely had good intentions, but he was foolish to be used by Assange and Putin.

The problem with him is, he is somewhat narcissistic, and he unwittingly benefited the worst offender. He is not a fraud, but he is a pawn, who made the wrong choice.
I think he's a whistleblower and a good guy. But who knows?

Edward Snowden is actually like an Emmanuel Goldstein who talks to us through telescreens.

Snowden has revealed his data while he was in Hongkong. Fact that he is now in Russia speaks enough about western democracy and freedom of speech. Same for Assange. Anyway, whoever he is, he did something very brave and big. Salute.
And please, no political discussions here;
This is not possible, because the subject is pure political propaganda from a site which is known for it's work. And you are spreading this propaganda with fat letters. You cannot deny your intents. It is provocation.

The FreeBSD forums always has been an place where propaganda lies have been removed immediately.
He isn't brave. He's a coward and a traitor to his country. There isn't any difference between Snowden and Jonathon Pollard, Robert Hanssen, Aldrich Ames, or John Anthony Walker.

speaks enough about western democracy and freedom of speech
The US has kept the world free of tyrants. WWI and WWII, the US kept Europe free. A great uncle of mine died over the skies of Germany in WWII.

And who would want to have lived under the despotic rule of Stalin or Mao? Putin removed troublemakers. China drives tanks over protesters. Kim kills people with anti aircraft guns. So much better than the West.

Don't get me started on the Mideast where women can't drive and have to cover themselves and are treated like cattle. So much better than the West.

Freedom of speech doesn't protect traitors. He is guilty of espionage.

have been removed immediately
Agreed. The FreeBSD forum is not a place for political discussion,which is why I said in that it should be closed and actually removed.
I think you can't leave politics out of this because this _is pure politics. Also there are more angles you can view this on and each view has its truth in it. It than depends which angle suits you the best or you consider to be a greater good (greater good for a mankind as a whole whatever color or nationality).

And as history showed us many times, world is not just black and white. There are no 'good' and 'bad' sides. There's always more going on .. and unfortunately money talks. I'm afraid now more than ever.
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