Closed Is possible to undo all the damages that I caused against me posting trolls topics?

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Jorge Luis

I used different nicks in various forums and mailing lists.

For example, in FreeBSD Forums I used the followings nicks:

decret, assembler...


In ReactOS Forums, I used clark_hobby:

I used also français, monsieur, Jorge Monsieur:

Probably I will to give the my curriculum vitae to employers that they are registered in FreeBSD Forums.

What are the damages that I caused against me posting trolls topics?

Is possible to undo this damages that I caused against me posting trolls topics?
How many posts are you discussing? For example, here, you can edit your own posts, so if you're worried about a prospective employer you can add something like edit: The above was written in my wild trolling days.

If that is going to make an employer decide against you, there's a good chance you weren't that great a fit for the job anyway. So, rather than deleting, which can often be difficult, just edit, and, if you think you were a troll, stop being one, then you can always say in the interview, Well, I was a troll in my misspent youth but I've stopped being that way.

Why one does or doesn't get a job is due to a myriad of factors--if they like you, they probably won't care, if they have someone that someone likes better than you, it may be the excuse they use. In my humble opinion, and with NO knowledge of your situation, I don't think a trollish forum or mailing list post is going to lose you a job if they otherwise like you.
It's not going to help by deleting old posts since Google, Yahoo and other search engines already have it for anyone to find. Once you post something public on the Internet it's there forever. You should have thought about that but apparently not.
Meh, I really wouldn't worry about it too much. Of course, in a perfect world, we make no mistakes, but...I remember being at the beginning of a flame war somewhere, and a loved pet sickened and died. I realized how unimportant whatever argument I was in, with someone who I will probably never meet, was. It's like taking a martial arts class--no one is watching you and thinking how clumsy you are, they're too busy trying to do it right themselves.

Anyway, bottom line, you messed up, own it, and move on. It probably bothers you more than it bothers anyone else, and personally, I doubt it will affect any employment opportunities.
We would forget about it, but the more you bring it up, the more odds that it's going to linger around. Just edit your posts, or stop doing it. Or stop using a real name identifying you, if that is a name related to you. When you throw away an account, you probably lose the ability to re-edit posts you don't like.

I don't think the mailing list can be re-edited. But if you were going to ask that, ask in an email that doesn't get posted on a mailing list. So just take time out, and think ahead, before you act. Are you sure your posts are even a big deal? Those posts are in other forums, ask them if they can remove them. It doesn't make sense to ask that here.
As a forum administrator at another site I had a member approach me and ask if I would remove some of his posts. His posts were preventing him from gaining employment. He approached me in a respectful way so I archived the posts out of public view. If you ask nicely site administrators may possibly listen. If not, then I would lay low and not repeat the same mistakes. As previously mentioned the Internet never forgets.
Generally it isn't a good idea to use your real name on any forums because it is hard to determine what actions may be taken against you, for whatever reason(s).

Equally, I find social media to be an Achilles Heel for many people because they post outrageous things that are "discovered" and they must deal with the consequences.

The Internet isn't a "safe" place and reasonable precautions must be taken.
Well you implicated yourself in a public forum. You got that against you. Not very wise.

I think a quick look at the FreeBSD jobs mailing list will show the amount of FreeBSD jobs. Not very many... Maybe 2 a month posted. My point is there is not much money made on open source. You have to love doing it as it is mostly volunteer work.
Money can be made off of open-source, but it mostly won't be for hire. Using it to sell hardware, using it to advertise, or using it to make another product functional. With those benefits, it makes sense to give back something.
I imagine that when you have such a distingushed resume as this you can command a good salary.
Dan runs His valuable contributions make him a open source hero.
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My point was that Dan probably paid out of his own pocket to run freshports. You have to give to get.
Forum comments don't mean squat. Make a valuable contribution to open source and commit to it and you might get recognized one day.
Until then you might have to work at mundane jobs until your resume speaks.
I'm a little confused by these comments. Linux and FreeBSD sysadmins and developers are usually paid pretty well if they're good and there also many lower level jobs where you can work your way up. Most of the jobs available, however, are going to be for Linux. However, once you get in there, you can often introduce FreeBSD.
This looks more and more like a possibly ex-troll being trolled by another troll, a troll trolling himself (and all of us at the same time), or a troll trolling a virtual person...

Dominique <-- sometimes off-topic but not trolling.
I think the person is self conscientous. People won't care, and will forget it, but If he keeps asking these questions, he's digging a hole. Maybe it's not even a big deal. Who knows, maybe he is trolling. This is not even important anymore.
Now that we have a defector here for interrogation, we can ask "Why do they do it?"

Also, what is the secret trolling headquarters site, and where's the membership list? Fess up now.
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