Is kde5 broken ?


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The metapackage x11/kde5 seems to have failed in the last quarterly run because an run dependency have failed.

I personally avoid such meta packages as they just bash in everything from KDE5.

This is a minimal KDE setup pkg install plasma5-plasma-desktop kate spectacle sddm plasma5-kde-gtk-config plasma5-sddm-kcm dolphin konsole


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There is no kde5 in the ports.
You mean the package I presume, because the port isn't going away. And are you looking for the package on 11.x or 12.x?

There are no KDE5 packages on 11 any more because net/qt5-network is marked as broken on 11, it only accepts OpenSSL 1.1.1 or higher and FreeBSD 11.x is stuck on 1.0.2. You can get around this if you build from ports and set the default SSL to OpenSSL or LibreSSL from ports. But as this isn't the default the packages fail to build on the build servers.

For 12.x latest packages should have it, it is missing on quarterly due to some failure in building www/qt5-webengine.