Iridium Browser

Would it work to copy www/chromium's Makefile into a custom directory, and make changes according to the porter's handbook for iridium as a basis for a maintainer to use? Considering, it is based on Chromium.

Chromium works very well, but it has privacy issues used for marketing.

* Edit - That's a good find. Good suggestion. I guess, no one person should take credit for finding it, because many people find it, and that is often noticed later on.
Here's how I started, so far, I copied www/chromium's Makefile to any custom directory [such as under your home folder or otherwise]. Then I replaced the top part with this:

# Created by:
# $FreeBSD: head/www/

PORTNAME=   iridium-browser

COMMENT=   Privacy oriented web browser based on Chromium


BROKEN_FreeBSD_9=does not patch

After this, everything else stayed the same.

Then rehash, and try make makesum, make, make install. I don't know how this will work out so far, and what error messages are to pop up, but it's a start. It's going to take some troubleshooting, after this.
I was looking at the files directory. So that's what it takes to port a Chromium-based browser?! Good Lord!

Well congratulations, cpm@!!!
In case anyone is interested, iridium browser has been ported to FreeBSD.

I pretend to push the commit into the ports tree, after test it on all our supported releases.

Thank you for the great work. I built it, installed without problems. It works very good, fast but I never been Chromium user and I will see.

I like it and on I got almost identical result as Firefox on both with ScritpBlock disabled.
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