IPFW and openVPN issues

Hey all! Thanks in advance for the help! Here is an explanation of my setup. This is on a freenas system, so I hope its okay I post here!

-IPFW setup in a jail to start on startup. I have it block all traffic except for specific traffic to a VPN service. Once openVPN establishes a connection , it reimplements the IPFW with rules for the TUN device.

-I have a rule setup for allowing local traffic from my subnet in which allows me to access the jail while IPFW is online. I have another rule to allow a subnet that my home VPN server uses so when I VPN into my home network , I can connect(this part does not work )

-I have a couple pkgs running on this jail--Sabnzbd is one .

Basically, I can't access packages in my jail when the jail itself(which is connected to a VPN) when I connect to my home VPN(Which has a subnet of But I can connect fine when I am on my home subnet(

Any ideas? If needed , I'll post my IPFW ruleset.