jails iocell fetch failed to build tree when installing updates


It's about iocell, a jail manager, I have problem when run command `iocell fetch`, it successfully fetched the base.txz but got problem when patch it, the error message is just "failed to build new tree", no logs found in dmesg, is there a specific log file for iocell?

iocell version: 2.1.2 (2017-06-17)​
FreeBSD version: 14.0 p6​

The weird part is, I ever build and start a jail by hand and it can fetch and patch the base system without problem.

# iocell fetch ftpfiles=base.txz release=14.0-RELEASE
base.txz                                               190 MB  585 kBps 05m33s
Installing updates...Scanning /usr/share/certs/untrusted for certificates...
Scanning /usr/share/certs/trusted for certificates...
Failed to build tree.