"Invalid address" Running apps via WINE

After upgrading to wine-1.1.9_1,1 almost everything stopped working with a nice error of type "Windows(tm)" (read that doesn't explain anything) "Invalid address" :\ e.g:

wine: could not load L"Z:\\usr\\home\\tbyte\\EVE_Classic_Setup_70124.exe": Invalid address

The programs shiped with wine looks to be working fine tho.
I found this thread about 1.1.8 but downgrade seems the only fix :(

Do You guys have the same problem and it will be nice if somebody have a workaround that ;)

This doesn't look good indeed :/ Well, i guess the only way to get working wine now is to downgrade to 1.1.7 or revert the commit which is mentioned in that bug report, which i'll try later.
I just built wine from git, reverting the commit which breaks wine for freebsd (there was a conflict, it was easily fixable though). After compiling, apps run again (at least for me - i'm running 8.0-CURRENT) ;)
PATCH (Quick and Dirty): WINE regression 1.1.8 (and 1.1.9)

"quick and dirty" patch from Alex Kozlov via freebsd-emulation...

For details, see this thread in the freebsd-emulation mailing list archives:


I recently ran into this when I installed from ports. Patch is attached. Copy into your /usr/ports/emulation/wine/files directory (or wherever your ports tree exists in your filesystem) and:

make deinstall
make clean
make install

Worked for me...


  • patch-dlls-ntdll-virtual.c
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I hate to post so soon as I have not tested this fix very much, but so far it is working for me. Thanks a million.
malexe said:
seems to work. (Just tested with one application) Do you know what the patch does exactly ?

Looking at it, it moves heap_base from 0 to address_space_limit-(10*VIRTUAL_HEAP_SIZE), which I guess doesn't overlap with anything.
Have the same problem. After updating wine to 1.1.10 all works fine :).
Patch doesn't help me in previous version %)...