Interface stopped DISTRIBUTING 10.2 !!


LACP stopped working on FreeBSD-10.2 release with following error :

Interface stopped DISTRIBUTING, possible flapping


More than that, we're unable to execute any command in FreeBSD console. Here is the screenshot where we're trying to push ctrl+z in order to get proper terminal but in vain :

Thanks in advance !!
Apparently it's either too busy or it's hanging somewhere. It could be there's really a hardware issue with the interface, combined with network based filesystems it could hang up the machine indefinitely because it's waiting for the network filesystem to respond.
It looks like system is going into swap because i just received error 'not enough memory' . Is there a way system should start swapping where there's no memory left ? Something like vm.swappiness in linux ?
Sounds more like a runaway process, something that keeps spawning new processes (commonly known as a fork bomb). If given enough time it'll use up all memory and things will get swapped. One may have led to the other, a broken network card and a network process that keeps respawning because it fails to connect.