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I have OpenJDK 15 and Intellij 2020.2 Community installed. I removed my previous configuration and removed a deprecated GC option. After all of that, I am able to launch intellij, but the fonts are bold and not crisp, they're difficult to read. I tried changing vm options, but to no avail. Additionally, I noticed the fontconfig from OpenJDK15 is a bit different from OpenJDK8. Namely, it was pointing at non-existent paths for font directories. After copying the OpenJDK 8 fontconfig, I didn't see any improvement.

I have anti-aliasing and sub-pixel hinting enabled, I also tried installing urwfonts and truetype fonts, but that didn't make a change either. All of my other applications look good, even Libreoffice looks good.

If I uninstall OpenJDK15, and just use OpenJDK8, the fonts are crisp again. So, OpenJDK15 is doing something, but I cannot figure out what.