Solved Intel Video Drivers - What Can I Do to Help?


Having had numerous issues with Intel GPUs in FreeBSD 10 releases and above; I noted that apparently it is due to a bad imported Linux driver. I am not one to demand, "Fix it," but more "What, as fairly ordinary users, can do to help fix it?"

Are we doomed to just wait until the latest version is ready? FreeBSD helped me obtain a place at university and would be nice to contribute something back.
Without even asking the developers I can say that they will gladly accept testers because their resources are very limited when it comes to acquiring the correct hardware and the numerous variations of the hardware that the driver targets.
OK, many thanks.

Would love to help with the testing. Slight pathetic, "To whom do I volunteer?" Is it developers mailing lists?

As that is committed to head that is -CURRENT, correct? If I use 10.2-CURRENT that should include the latest version and I can try from there?

For info I have:
agp0: <Intel Q45 SVGA controller> on vgapci0