Intel turbo memory (flash)

I found possibly another Intel mini pcie flash product (I'm not sure if it's a robson cache, or not). It uses a pcie *interface*, but the pins are ATA pins...which essentially means a stripped-down clocked-up ISA bus is being run over pcie. Scary.

Anyway, the southbridge would need to be aware of this interesting setup; it's not as simple as an ATA controller on a pcie link. Buyer beware: there IS an ATA controller on this chip, just not the kind you think.
In hope that someone will find this usefull and maybe this will provide a driver putting this memory to good use (Zpool cache) - this page speaks of software support as described in "System BIOS with AHCI and Intel® Turbo Memory support (Note: support documented in BIOS Writer’s Guide, doc #24766)"

I'm not sure if this document is freely available, but maybe someone already has one copy and could provide more information?
Looks like the technology never took off. You can get those chips cheap now though, yet I saw that writes to those can be slower than to HDD, so it may be very well obsolete now with SSDs.