Intel Graphics 5500


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Hello, I wonder if the driver for the Intel Graphics 5500 being produced and when will it be released ??



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I've had some luck with the drm-next-4.7 on a somewhat older graphics card (Haswell), but only using 12.0-CURRENT. The last time I tried, with a snapshot from the 20th (of June), after pulling in the drm-next stuff, it wouldn't boot.
If you want to try it, I have a page I made when it worked,

It is for a different card, and as I said, it hasn't worked for me with the most recent snapshots. I _was_ able to install FreeBSD-11, then, using git, pull the drm-next stuff and that worked. However, when I did that, ports didn't work.

(I explain that briefly on the page. The few packages that I installed with pkg did work).



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Yup I have noticed that (updated my note), thanks, however my laptop still does not want to work with 12.0 driver, so I had to move to CURRENT..