Solved intel drm-legacy-kmod has weird issue on load



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It is hard to describe this issue so I took a video (unfortunately it is too large) that I posted to View:
<----- This tweet show where I recorded what was happening. If I had to describe it, when I load the screen it acts in a manner where all text is duplicated across the whole screen. then it flashes again and says the drm module has loaded. This does not matter if I run it manually or on reboot. I did install the drm-legacy-kmod and not the drm-kmod after looking at this page

My laptop specs are as follows

Make: IBM
Model: X240
CPU: Intel i5-4300U (4) @ 2.494 GHz
GPU: Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller
Memory: 8 GiB

Any help is appreciated! Also I appologize if this is the wrong Sub Forum. Was torn between this and peripheral Sub Forum
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