Intel Atom D2700 64 bit support? (long mode)

Hi I have been messing around with an Asrock D2700 ITX motherboard that I'd like to turn into a low power home server. But when I tried to boot it off a hard drive with FreeBSD 11.0 AMD64 - the hard drive is basically a fresh install - I get an immediate boot error "CPU doesn't support long mode" and then go back to the boot prompt.

I did a bit of searching, and the D2700 is a 64-bit Intel Atom but it either doesn't fully support long mode, or it doesn't report correctly that it does. I was wondering if anybody knows about a workaround, or if i'm stuck running 32-bit FreeBSD. And I guess a follow up would be, are there any issues with running 32-bit FreebSD in 2017, or is it just fine and I shouldn't worry about it. The only things I care about on the board are SATA and networking.

Uggh - now I'm reading that Intel pulled 64-bit support for this and other similar boards in Windows.
It might be the board and/or BIOS that's limiting it to 32 bit.

Yeah, I think the BIOS is disabling 64 bit mode. I did install the i386 version of 11.1 and it seems to be working fine, although I haven't tested ethernet performance yet.