Installing www/phpBB3


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I had trouble getting phpbb3 working on the web. It needed a bunch of ports before it displayed and work correctly.
 www/mod_php72 security/php72-filter archivers/php72-zlib textproc/php72-xml textproc/php72-dom graphics/php72-gd security/php72-openssl converters/php72-iconv databases/php72-pgsql
Besure to check you version of php " php --version" should note phpbb3 ports installed with some php extensions but not the ones I listed.


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I played to install phpBB3. My starting point was a running apache 2.4 + phpXx + mysql (with phpXx-mysqli).
I tried with php71 and php72 but others versions may work as well (hence the Xx).

It's actually better to use pkg or ports (result is the same). This installs the following dependencies:
However, two are missing:
Note that the later isn't even detected as missing at the beginning of the phpBB3 installation. But without iconv the Administration Control Panel is unusable.

paulfrottawa, concerning the others php extension you mention, I think it depends on the features you choose for your forum. Except mod_phpXx which is the base to make php run throught apache (I assumed here it was already installed) and phpXx-pgsql which is the connector between your relational database and php (here I use mysql -> phpXx-mysqli).

I have to add that before to begin the installation, you need to change the phpBB3 directory permissions in order to let phpBB create config.php.

chmod o+w /usr/local/www/phpBB3
And when the installation is complete:
chmod o-w /usr/local/www/phpBB3

The others permissions inside the phpBB3 folder seem ok at first glance.