Installing on PPC: eMac 1.42Ghz


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I've had no luck trying to install FreeBSD7.1 on an eMac that I've just purchased. The problem is that it's not able to mount the filesystem correctly. Right after the Disklabel (which works fine by the way) I receive these messages:

Error mounting /dev/ad0s2 on /mnt : Operation not permitted

Unable to mount the root file system on /dev/ad0s2! Giving up.

Couldn't make filesystem currently.

OpenBSD, NetBSD, and even Linux seem to install properly on this PPC based eMac. What am I missing?



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I need these steps, but the resource seem can't open, I plan to use it with the latest vmware, trying to install FreeBSD.


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Might be nice to put your write-up under the HOW-TO section of this forum.