Installing on a AmigaOne X5000

Hi Al,

I'm the one responsible for the port, and yes, it's not in a sanely-finished state yet. Most devices work for powerpc(32) -- ethernet, SDHC, SPI, USB, i2c (for RTC) -- but SATA does not, it has some problems currently. A short install overview is (with HEAD):
make buildworld buildkernel KERNCONF=MPC85XX TARGET=powerpc
make installworld installkernel KERNCONF=MPC85XX TARGET=powerpc DESTDIR=/path/to/nfs/root (or USB/image)
make distribution TARGET=powerpc DESTDIR=/path/to/new/root
Now the tricky part, building the kernel uboot image. I use the following command line, using NetBSD's mkubootimage:
mkubootimage -A powerpc -C none -O linux -a 0x3ffffc0 -e 0x04001000 -n "FreeBSD Amiga" -T kernel /usr/obj/powerpc.powerpc/usr/src/sys/MPC85XX/kernel amiga.uImage

You need to also get a customized device tree blob, which currently is only at (until I can make it use the Linux blob, or place this blob in a better place):

You need to either netboot this image (there are lots of instructions on creating a netboot host elsewhere), or put it on a FAT volume (USB), and load it via:
(dhcp method): dhcp 3ffffc0 amiga.uImage; tftpboot $fdtaddr cyrus_p5020_amiga2.dtb; bootm 3ffffc0 - $fdtaddr
(fatload method): fatload usb 0:1 3ffffc0 amiga.uImage; fatload usb 0:1 $fdtaddr cyrus_p5020_amiga2.dtb; bootm 3ffffc0 - $fdtaddr
I've only ever used the dhcp boot method, so the fatload method is purely a guess right now.

Currently, also, there are problems with it, in that after some time (with NFS root, at least) it crashes with some pmap issues. I'm still trying to diagnose those issues, and haven't had any luck over the last year or so that I've been trying (off and on while doing other development for the board).

Also, you can use the QORIQ64 kernel, with TARGET=powerpc TARGET_ARCH=powerpc64, to build a powerpc64 kernel, which runs, but has no ethernet support. This is also still in development.
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Unfortunately not. We currently do not support the PA6T architecture, but if someone wants to donate some hardware, we could have it running eventually. I just checked qemu, as that could've been a viable alternative for bringup, but it doesn't appear to emulate the PA6T, so I'd need access to the hardware.