Solved Installing IOncube loader on FreeBSD 10.2

In order to protect all my webjail (about 10), I would like to run Malware Scanner from the host to scan the jails.
Last week, ISPProtect Malware Scanner released a version compatible with FreeBSD and the prerequisites to run ISPProtect on FreeBSD are:
  • bash
  • IOncube loader
  • php-cli
  • php extensions
    • openssl
    • mbstring
    • mcrypt
    • posix
    • json
The only problem that I have with the abore requiement is with IOncube loader.
When I looked at the IOncube website, they advise you to install IOncube via the web wizzard. The FreeBSD host server has no web access so I cannot use the wizzard.

I realised my version of FreeBSD (10.2) has got ioncube-5.0.21 as a pkg

Could someone please advise on the best way to install IOncube ?
I also read that I migth need the FreeBSD compat library for FreeBSD 9 but the post was dated Feb 2014.. So not sure how up to date the information is

Will pkg install ioncube be all I need?

Thank you all in advance
Hi, in one word yes - you may try it - it's just a loader for protected PHP code. But will be better if you do a jail for it and attach your sites with nullfs(5) to it. Don't like idea to install anything on a host system, I always keep it free of any software on my servers.

Small update: on host system I only run pf(4) firewall with NAT and sshd(8) to manage jails. Nothing more allowed here.
Hi ab2k,
I have the same principle in term of running everything from jail, but if not installed on the host, how do you scan all the jails for malware?
I don't think I can realisticly install ISPProtect in every jail... or could I?

Could you please provide more insigth

Hi again, idea is to make a jail, install ISPProtect Malware Scanner in it and mount every site directories you have with mount_nullfs(8) to that jail. After that you will be able to scan for viruses everything inside that jail.