Installing Google Chrome on FreeBSD



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Is there a way to install Google Chrome (not Chromium) on FreeBSD? I need to attend a lot of meetings via WebEx which does not seem to work with Firefox and the Cisco WebEx Extension. I thought I could try it with Chrome since that seems to work on my Ubuntu machine. I couldn't find any packages or ports for Chrome.



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Google doesn't support FreeBSD directly when it comes to Chrome, they don't offer binary packages fior Chrome like they do for example Ubuntu and other popular Linux distributions. Chrome is a closed source product and to run it you must get it in binary form from Google.



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Have you tried changing the user agent to something it is known to support?
Sorry for the delayed response. I did try setting both general.useragent.override and general.useragent.overridepreference to Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/65.0.3325.181 Safari/537.36 but neither worked.


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I suspect the problem is more likely that WebEx doesn't support FreeBSD. Even the Linux version of WebEx doesn't have full feature support:
I see this link stating
Linux support
WebEx will support any Linux distribution as long as it meets the following minimum requirements:
Kernel: 2.6 or later
Have you tried running the Chrome for Linux on FreeBSD using Linux ABI?


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I have tried running the Linux version of Google Chrome on FreeBSD. Even after manually installing the CentOS libraries not provided by the linux-c7 package which Chrome requires, it still doesn't run. I suspect there are deficiencies in FreeBSD's Linux emulation which must be resolved before the Linux version of Google Chrome will run on FreeBSD.

One thing I've not tried yet is installing the binary plugins from the Linux version of Google Chrome for use with the natively compiled Chromium on FreeBSD. But that may be a path worth exploring.


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PaddyMac Chromium, by itself, is a huge complicated beast that FreeBSD devs have trouble wrangling. Adding Google's code to it, that makes it Chrome, complicates it even further and Google is never any help. Then it changes three months later.


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OpenBSD seem to suggest that Chrome (chromium) is better structured code than Firefox. In 6.4 (-current) they've included unveil ... which I believe adds pledge like controls for Chrome (which limits what programs can see/do in memory (unveil is for filesystem access controls)). Trying that along with a google block /etc/hosts file entries as per the Answers section hosts file additions in this post, in addition to host file entries, and it's really quick. For instance yahoo news pages that previously dragged for me, load/show quickly.