Installing 11.0-RELEASE ppc64 on Xserve G5 node: "Invalid memory access"


I am currently trying to install FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE ppc64 on my Xserve G5 compute node. I am using a SATA CD drive plugged into a hard disk connector (sd1 in Open Firmware) on the motherboard, because the compute node has no built-in CD drive. Anyway, when I try to boot the CD with the following OFW command:
boot sd1:,\ppc\loader sd1:0
it loads the bootloader OK, but when it actually boots the kernel, I get:
Invalid memory access at   %SRR0: 00000000.00a57d58   %SRR1: 90000000.00003030
Does anyone here know what the issue is and/or how I can get it to boot correctly?

Please note that PPC (and PPC64) are Tier 2 architectures.
Duly noted; I understand hardware support might be a bit shaky. Still, I've heard of people getting it to work, and I'm wondering if any of those people would be willing to share how they did it.
There should be some people around who have it running. Just don't expect an answer any time soon ;)