Installation of PyQt5 For Python3

Hello everyone.
I'm new to FreeBSD and I'm developing a Download Manager written in python.
we ported this software on some Linux Distros and Mac OS.
Now, I'm working on making it usable in FreeBSD, The FreeBSD handles all the requirements except PyQt5 which is I'm wondering why it can not be installed by pip3.
I used to use
cd /usr/ports/devel/py-qt5 && make install clean
but I get make[1] stopped.

I'm running FreeBSD 11 on VirtualBox.

hope anyone help me doing this.
This tells us exactly nothing. Please post the whole error message.
thanks for your answer, I've tried to update and upgrade using pkg and I have py35-sip-4.17, 1 installed.
then I used to cd /usr/ports/devel/py-qt5 && sudo make PYTHON_VERSION=3.5 install clean
then I get:
Error: Make sure you have a working sip on your PATH or use the --sip argument to explicitly specify a working sip.

I have attached the entire output, you can also see it here

thanks for your time.