Solved Install Package without 'make config' prompts

The way I understand to do this is to use portmaster -G or BATCH=yes. Neither one of these works. BATCH=yes does not suppress the prompts and -G gives "The PP option must stand alone".

How do I install packages only (-PP option) with Portmaster but with no make config prompts?
It still ended up prompting me.

I was forced to use env BATCH=yes; portmaster -PG --no-confirm to continue without prompts.

I can only guess that packages were not available in the first place if I was getting hit with make config prompts.

So there is still some compiling to do but hopefully it will be minimal.
Last I knew, portmaster did not support pkg-style packages. If you want to use packages, there is not much reason to use portmaster anyway. Just use the pkg commands directly.
I have run into this problem before but forgot about it. The instructions on the KDE for FreeBSD site says to use portmaster to install the packages for some reason:

This should work because that is what the -PP option in portmaster is for. This must be one of those extremely rare bugs in FreeBSD software. In any case, pkg works fine and compiling it I'm sure works fine too. I decided to install by packages to one computer and wait it out to compile on another computer.