ZFS Increase size of ZFS Dataset


I'm using ezjail for managing my jails. As far as I know ezjail does not hardset the size of the zfs dataset. For me it looks like it dynamically increase the size of the jails, but please correct me if I'm wrong...

My problem is that I have a mongodb process in my jails, which does not startup until it has 3.3GB free space. After troubleshooting mongodb I give up and try to fix it with a bigger zfs dataset, but it is also not working.

Some information of my dataset.

freebsd% zfs get volsize zroot/ezjail/unifi


zroot/ezjail/unifi volsize - -

output df -h
zroot/ezjail/unifi 5.0G 3.8G 1.2G 77% /usr/jails/unifi

only 1.2GB available..

If I try to increase the size following happens.

freebsd% sudo zfs set volsize=10G zroot/ezjail/unifi

cannot set property for 'zroot/ezjail/unifi': 'volsize' does not apply to datasets of this type

Any ideas ?
volsize only applies to ZFS volumes. A normal ZFS dataset does not have a set size, it can use as much space as is available in the pool (unless you manually set a quota).

Don't bother using df with ZFS, it just confuses things. What's the full output of zfs list?
output from zfs list

zroot/ezjail/unifi 3.84G 1.16G 3.84G /usr/jails/unifi
That's not the full list output, but it seems to suggest there's only 1.16G available on the pool.. Can't really tell more without seeing the full output ( zpool list would probably be useful as well).
Sorry for the late response. You were right, my ssd was nearly full :confused: . Deleted some old stuff but it seems that I have to get a bigger one.

Thank you !