Solved In the forum website it says there is a Perforce repository which doesn't exist

Screenshot 2020-12-30 at 09.58.47.png

I already reported it as a bug:
One week has passed, but it doesn't change.

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It should be like this, like FreeBSD homepage (
I have no clue what you are trying to show with all that but a proper source for you should be:
Perforce, a commercial product, has not been supported by FreeBSD for quite a number of years.
So it is not a bug and should remove your report from bugzilla.

A quick and easy search shows that Perforce is available, as an executable only, known as Helix Core


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He's referring to the banner at the top of the forum pages. It doesn't match up with the banner of the FreeBSD website any more. I've tried to find where this is defined but I fear it's part of a custom index.php I'm not willing to modify just yet.

One week has passed, but it doesn't change.
Keep in mind it's the Christmas holidays. A lot of people take time off during this period.
Yes, That's what I meant. Anyway, it means I have to wait more because of New Year's day.